So you want to join FreeMoneySubs eh?

o ok.

The current positions we are looking for are:

Translator (JP->EN, At least 3 years of study or native speaker)


Distro..Always 🙂

Requirements of a Recruit:

1.  The ability to dedicate 1-3 consecutive hours per week (depending on position).  FreeMoneySubs was formed to bring fansubs in a timely manner, and as such we work a bit faster than most other groups.

2.  A willingness to learn.  Most of us started with no fansubbing experience at all.  Within a little over a month, we managed to learn many of the ins and outs of fansubbing through trial and error.  FreeMoneySubs does not require past fansubbing experience (although for Karaoke FX you probably need it).

That’s all.  Quite simple?  Then post here if you’re interested!  Also, leave some contact info please 🙂




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  1. Hi, I’m kind of interested in applying for the Editor spot.^_^!
    The only experience i had was being a translator for crunchyroll. But that was a long time ago, and they took many of the videos off due to license.
    I also blog anime this is my website,
    I am usually pretty free on the weekends so 3 consecutive hours should be fine.
    My email is ^_^!

  2. I’m interested in helping out with distro. My internet is quite fast. If you’re interested, email me and i’ll help out as much as i can.

  3. Interested in Editing/QCing.

    Can also time, but inexperienced.


    IRC Nick:

  4. Im interested… But I got no skills as editor, qcer, distro and karaoke…

    Im just one suck nub who is trying to go around looking for a warm lovely place to stay. If you take me in, Ill only become a burden for you. Ill most likely irritate you all day long D:

    Mail me if you are interested

    I dont like to wait long xD Yes Im very impatient indeed…

  5. Interested in Timing.

    Started practicing timing about a month ago, just for mixing a fansub script into the uncensored DVD raws for personal enjoyment.

    May not be an expert in the field, but is willing to learn more.


  6. Wotcha. I’m interested in an Editor position, should FMS require one.

    Minor experiences in editing and little else, though I did redo the timing and most of the translation of one episode of Clannad for a group whose name I can no longer recall.

    Also, if you’re looking for a more permanent webhost, let me know. I’m about to switch hosts but my current one will be running for at least another six months.

    I can be contacted at the this e-mail address.

  7. i can do a better website banner, that’s my limits only photo-shop nothing to do with programming.

    so if you need a better banner just contact me.

  8. I can do distro on Rapidshare, i’ll post links as I upload here 🙂

  9. Ya-ho!
    If you guys still need a Timer, Editor or someone for the website, I can try helping you out =)
    I’m in my last year for mediadesign and mediamanagement and final exams are coming up after easter, but atashi wa gambarimasu yo!



  10. Hello, i would really like to join jap>eng subbing group, im a half of japanese and turkish, so im a native speaker, but i cant read kanjis (i can read hiragana and katakana tho) because i didint grow up in japan.

    Hope i can join the team, see you!

  11. Hey i can edit your webbie for you.. drop me an e-mail at (:

  12. If you all still need help with distro let me know. I think I could be of some help. Love this series. Thanks for the hard work.

  13. Sorry didn’t leave email in last reply for Distro. my email is

  14. Hi my email is

    I might be interested in helping out with timing and possible proofreading (and qc if they are close to being the same). I have never actually done it before but i have worked with aegisubs (but not a lot). Willing to learn and put some time in it. Note: I also have school at the moment and I’m applying for university so sometimes in the next couple months could get a little busy for me (especially March) but I think I can do it if the load is not too big. Email me.

  15. Hey,

    If your still looking for an professional website designer.
    I can do the job.
    You can contact me at many ways:

    xfire: aukemon0

    anyway contact me if you need me 🙂

  16. Hey~
    I’m interested in being an editor for FMS. I can also time, but I’d probably be more useful as an editor. I’m generally not that busy of a person, so three hours a week should be no problem for me. Please email me at if you’d like to contact me. :’D

  17. Im interested being a timer

    it’s my email


  18. I’m very interesting in … website designer ^^

    My email is

  19. I’m can do editor, timer, and if Distro means Megaupload/Rapidcrap uploading I can do that too (have premium accounts to both). I could seed as well when a torrent is put up for new episodes.

    I have no experience in editor and timing, but I really want to learn either position (or both if willing).


  20. Hi. I’m very interested in it. I can do karaoke effect and visual typesetting. If you need these jobs pls contact me:D

  21. Hi, just checking in to see if you guy’s need anymore help?
    I’ve got some past experience with editing and timing so if you need a hand, drop me an e-mail:)

  22. encoder position….

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