“Who are sunberries”

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Its what are sunberries.

Kerrog’s® Sunberries are a nutritional part of your breakfast. Sun without milk, berry with it. Look for it on shelves by 2012.

Also, its crabbers (translating), thk (QC/Editing), and PunD (Other shit). We wanted to do Kimi ni Todoke, so we are.

Might do something else some time without FMS, who knows.



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I just woke up, saw my handle was a substring in the chat log, scrolled up, and saw this:

Ruffian: t3htao and theRealMirage
* Ruffian saw them marrying together in his dream. WHAT A F**KED UP DREAM!

ah… =.=

Canaan 13

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Back to Aion ◕ ◡ ◕

BaiBai imangascans

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Apparently our only connection to imangascans, puremadniss, has disappeared after catching the busies, so i hear.
This blog is now going to become our distro thing now

GG Hurts Our Feelings

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<Mango-chan> mtao eta till your tler takes nihongo seriously

<mtao> lol

<mtao> he’s still new to it =.=
<Mango-chan> mtao don’t you dare blog about me
<Mango-chan> i am the only one who’s allowed to blog
<Mango-chan> about others
<Dark_Sage> You have a blog? Link plz
<Mango-chan> mtao
<Mango-chan> how old are you

😦 sadface, poor Jaka is butthurt.

I invite you all to compare GG’s script with ours.

Reverting back to this website, as well as some major changes!

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Hello Hello, it’s been awhile since we’ve used our wordpress.  Our other domain is still being created and updated, so for now I figured we would use this website to post our releases.

First of all, on Episodes four and five of Canaan it was just Tao and I.  We later picked up an Editor/QC in the form of PunD and he is still with us.

Now, in addition to our high school trio, we’ve found several more nakama!

Crabbers:  A fellow translator, will be on/off with us for the rest of Canaan and will be joining us in the Fall for some new projects! (top secret, can’t tell you guys yet).  She has past experience doing fansubs alone!

Primula:  An encoder, typesetter, timer, jack-of-all trades (except TL xD)  He will be bringing us his vast experience in fansubbing as Tao, PunD, and I are still noobs ><

Koukey:  A translator who will double-check our Canaan subs and maybe eventually pick up some projects of his own!

To commemorate this event, we decided to release Canaan 8! (Not really, we were going to release it anyways but it coincides…)

Here is the torrent link:  http://www.anirena.com/viewtracker.php?action=download&id=26916

And Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3C4XA1XR

Be sure to join us on IRC at #FMS@Irc.rizon.net!

Hello world!

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