Mirage/Tao started group July 2009 with Canaan, no fansub experience at all.
Released many fail subtitles, added PunD and Primula.
Group finished Canaan and picked up Kimi Ni Todoke October 2009 with Crabbers/thk.
Mirage attempted Tokujou Kabachi Feb 2010.

Current Projects
Kimi Ni Todoke season 2… just because


Kimi ni Todoke
Tokujou Kabachi

Here’s the current staff list:


Killed in Action:

Tao- timer, IRC idler
Thk- editor
Crabbers (sunberries)- Translator
PunD(sunberries)- Timer
kerobear- Editor


Special thanks to LaughingGuy, who provided the banner



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  1. Good job!

  2. Thank you so much for fansubbing Kimi No Todoke ^^
    Keep up the good work ! :D:D

  3. Domo Arigatou for fansubbing Kimi ni Todoke .. ^.^ ..

    you’re the best and fastest ..,

    keep up the good work .. =) ..

    I just have a question :
    Won’t you do the Karaoke for Opening & Ending ?

    for me, it doesn’t matter ..
    it’s just curiosity :> ..

    Do your best for the rest !!

    • We don’t have an active member to do karaoke effects, but there are some people who we can ask. However, as we are a speedsub group, sometimes we don’t put karaoke effects in order to save time. We may add the Japanese lyrics once official versions of the OP/ED have been released. We most likely won’t be putting in karaoke FX, but that is subject to change depending on the willingness/free time of PunD 🙂

  4. hey guys.. just wanted to say you are doing a great job.. this is one of my favorite japanese animations.. keep up the great work (:

  5. Thanks for subbing Kimi ni Todoke and getting it out so fast!

  6. You guys Rock! keep up the good shit ;D

  7. Tao-Nothing 😀 rofl
    Thanks for subbing Kimi ni todoke, u r doing great :}

  8. I took about 4 minutes off my BUSY schedule just to come here and yell out a big fat THANK YOU, because you SO deserve it.

  9. Arigato! Really appreciate the team deciding to sub this series. I love this series, keep up the good work! ^^

  10. thanksss for subbing kimi ni todoke. 🙂

  11. I know you guys get this often… but really THANK YOU for fansubbing Kimi ni Todoke! You guys do an amazing job. Keep up the great work! ^__^

  12. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work, it is VERY much appreciated!

  13. thanks for subbing tokujo kabachi!!


  14. hello! dropping by to say ARIGATOU and ROCK ON! 😀

  15. Hello, my name is Jennifer. I created a new fansub dedicated to the translation in Spanish from subtitles in English. I was wondering if there was any problems with you if I used your subtitles to make subtitles in Spanish?
    If it is not okay with you I will no do anything. If you want to check my blog, its: coffeewings.wordpress.com
    My email is coffee-wings@gmx.com

  16. Thanks for tokujo kabachi subs :)!

  17. keep up the good work! didn’t you use a better raw at episode 18 and higher? that’s great!

  18. O: thanks alot for speed subbing kimi ni todoke.

    i was wondering if you guys are interested in working on other anime/drama if knt / tokujou kabachi finishes o_o like, you know, what to know your upcoming future projects

    • We probably will pick up new series, just not sure exactly what yet 🙂

  19. Just wanted to say a very grateful thank you for the subs of Tokujou Kabachi =) *hugs*

  20. Hi! I’m Azii. My friend and I made a duo called bakanchidouble, and we are currently trying learn how to fansub. But, seeing as neither one of us could understand Japanese all that well, we decided to help our fellow Indonesian fans by translating English to Indonesian.
    And we were wondering if you would mind if we use your English sub to translate it into Indonesian?
    My friend and I haven’t made any sites yet, but you can check out my blog over at 8doa.livejournal.com and you can reach me at the email address that I gave.
    If you’re not ok with this, we won’t do it. 🙂

  21. Follow the link here from megaupload file download page.
    Thanks for the hard work, keep it up-! 😀

  22. Hey guys! Kimi ni Todoke second season is coming~! Will you consider to sub it? Well since you don’t have any current project, I think you are busy IRL but still I’d really like to watch it with your subs.

    Thanks in advance!^^

  23. hey.. hope you’ll sub the season 2 of KnT thanks a lot guys.. :))

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