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January 11, 2011 at 9:29 pm | Posted in Kimi Ni Todoke | 24 Comments

Yeah this may be sort of sudden but I’m dropping Kimi Ni Todoke and taking a bit of a longer break from subbing.

Reason I’m stopping subbing is because I don’t find it entertaining anymore. In the past two years, my interest in anime has kind of dwindled. That, coupled with the fact that nowadays the sources for raws are numbered, tells me its about time to pursue other things in life. Also this one-man fansubbing group sort of thing is getting to be too much work for me.

Here’s the script that I’ve had done for awhile:

The reason I subbed the first episode of this anime is because the raw came out quickly, within 5-6 hours of airing.  As I don’t have transport streams, I rely on external sources for my raws. It used to be that raws came out before the subbed anime, but now the opposite is the case lolol.  I have to rely on a 40 mb raw to translate from, and then wait an indefinite time for a higher quality raw to release before I can actually mux my script. As you may notice, this is a speedsub project so I rarely, if ever, make quality my concern. If I can’t release it when I’m done translating and timing, then that kind of ruins the fun for me.

I might sub stuff that I enjoy but isn’t being subbed fast enough, but other than that I’m done. Thanks for watching the subs, sorry that I’m sort of flaking out after only 2 episodes but such is life.



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  1. sad to see you go bro, oh well. thanks for trying anyway.

  2. Sad to hear that, but I can understand the frustration. You sure must have had your script ready, given that a small-sized raw had appeared hours ago but none halfway suitable for muxing. All I can wish you is to have a good time enjoying life! 🙂

    I still hope you’ll translate the KnT LA movie once available, though. So long, and thanks for all your past effort again! ❤

  3. First off, I want to simply say THANK YOU for all the hard work you put in, especially for the first season of Kimi ni Todoke and two episodes of its second season. I couldn’t have enjoyed the anime without your quality English subs since I cannot speak Japanese. All of us tremendously appreciate your time and efforts. You took time on your will from your daily routines to work hard subbing for others to enjoy, and I truly respect you for that.

    I admit I will miss your quality subs! I will continue to come back to check your website if you happen to have any updates in the future. Nevertheless, the important thing is I hope you’ll find the time to give yourself a nice break and enjoy yourself! You definitely deserve it 😀

  4. Sad to see you go. Thanks for all your hard work. Hope you’ll be back to sub the KnT live action when it’s released.

  5. Thanks 4 all… See U.

  6. thanks for all the effort. i will be getting [gg]’s from here onwards, it seems koki is giving tips to koda. since i admire koki, i can somehow adapt with [gg]’s for this series.

    • lets just hope they dont treat KNT2 like they did with bakuman. if all else fails, there’s [m.3.3.w.]

      • saw [m.3.3.w]’s release. and guess what, they did way better than [gg]. probably won’t be as fast as [gg], but i might stick with [m.3.3.w] for this one.

  7. Thanks for all your releases, will be odd without you from now on

  8. It is really sad you stop it but totally reasonable. I will miss your subs and will come back sometimes to check if you have something updated.
    I’m truly grateful for your work until now and was glad to watch Kimi ni Todoke with your subs. Thank you.

  9. Very sad to see you stop but thank you so much for your really good work. Quite disappointed too because that means I have to change KNT2 fansub and your high quality work will miss me.

    thank you again and enyoy your break !

  10. well, thanks for the first season!!

    Thank you!

  11. It’s alright mirage 🙂
    I’ll support you in the future!+

  12. Really bummed this happened, was really looking forward to doing XviD encodes of your releases. =(

    Though for those looking for gg’s release I made these 480p encodes of their work.

    Ep 0:
    Ep 1:

    They did some nice job with the karaoke.

  13. Thanks for all your hard work. Good luck in all your other endeavors. 🙂

  14. So long and thanks for all the fish.
    Sorry to hear that it’s no longer fun…
    …go have some fun!

  15. My wife and I wanted to give you our thanks for providing us with these great subs. We appreciate your hard work and wish you the best in what ever venture you pursue.

    Good Luck

  16. thanks for subbing.i enjoyed your kimi no todeke release and tokujo kabachi.are u planning to take any upcomming dramas to sub?

  17. Thanks for the great work for Kimi ni Todoke Season 1 .. ^_^

  18. As of today, I see Eclipse revived and starting to release their KnT translations. It is really unfortunate, that the raw situation is such, that it has made it impossible for you to release independently and be first with that. I liked your less localized version of KnT S1 better than Eclipse’s.

    Thanks for your work on that, and I hope to see you “sub stuff that I enjoy but isn’t being subbed fast enough” as you indicate. In the end, we can’t be unhappy to see you enjoy life, for you’ve made ours enjoyable for all of the first season already. I wish you all the best and will occasionally check for updates. Now have some fun and also do some fun project, should you get bored some day!

  19. Its a shame, but I understand. Hopefully if you decide to sub again, you might sub the live-action movie for KnT (:

  20. A raw for the live action movie seems to have appeared recently. If you’re bored, you could bring some happiness into some people’s lives again and still be the first. 🙂

  21. 2nd season is over. THX for the First.

  22. If by any chance you happen to enjoy Mirai Nikki, maybe you could help out the GotWoot team maintain their GotSpeed line of release versions for this show (their current translator has dropped the show for he started to dislike it):

    Would be great to have you back for a while. 🙂 Otherwise, enjoy your retirement!

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