Kimi ni Todoke -Batch-

April 18, 2010 at 12:33 am | Posted in Kimi Ni Todoke | 27 Comments

Hey kids.

By popular demand (yes, someone requested it) here is a batch for KnT.

Keep your eyes on this space for a week or two, something might show up. >_>




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  1. If I didn’t already have all of your episodes, I would be grabbing this 🙂

  2. same here. Thanks again for all your hard work ^^

  3. thank you so much~! ^^

  4. *yawn* I think almost everyone figured out that your subs are inferior. Just quit while you’re ahead. The show was 7/10. Your subs don’t do it justice and make it a mere 5/10.

    • I’m glad that you still check our blog even after we finished! A true fan 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure you are the most consistent commentator on here. Thank you for your continued dedication. It’s because we have fans like you that we can get the motivation to keep going.

  5. I don’t know if it’s okay for me to ask, but can I request a link/torrent for the sub files of the batch? Or maybe tell me where I can get it? I guess I was too excited to watch and didn’t notice I clicked on the wrong link, and downloaded a bunch of Chinese subbed eps. ._.

    If it’s okay, that is. 🙂 Great job on the subs. 😉

    • We don’t have a batch torrent of the scripts, only a torrent of all the subbed video files. Sorry.

  6. So, have you guys decided on a summer series?

    By the way – don’t listen to the knobs that spew hate at your subs. I thought your translations and editing were very good, and had no complaints at all about the video or audio quality or timing or fonts. Keep up the good work!

    on June 20, 2010
    in Uncategorized

    Disclaimer: this entire post is strictly composed of my own personal views. However, as I am always correct, you do not need to take this with a grain of salt.

    Hello. I am here to depict the mysteries behind the current fansub scene. Read no more if you do not want to destroy the perfect image of the group you adore.

    People always argue that X subs are better than Y subs, and take this matter very, very seriously. Examples of this can be seen @ BakaBT, a great site with a terrible community (think Gaia for torrent sites). A good majority of fansubbers, like myself, think we are the shit. We spend the majority of our (work)time criticizing the work of others and neglect our own duties. Believe me. We get real angsty from criticism. Why? We believe we are important because we make your subtitles.

    But worry not. I am here today to bring an end to this issue and change your view on the current fansubbing scene. This is not really biased since I am also speaking out against my nakamas.

    a.f.k. – Retarded encoding. Downscaled XviD in 2009? What the hell are they thinking.
    ANBU – Led/controlled by a Korean with hwabyeong (this is proven by a very good friend of mine who has worked with ANBU). The chemistry between the team is shit. Slow. Have a terrible ego. Can’t really tl for shit.
    Ayako – Think it’s cute to literally shit up their subs. Willing to sacrifice A LOT of quality for speed. Led by some guy who is very childish and immature. Releases a shitty/LQ version in order to “be first”. Thinks song lyrics are essential to a sub (three liner in Railgun, anyone?). Subs don’t really flow.
    BSS – Really fucking lazy people for the majority. Drama over actual work.
    Chihiro – Shitty aesthetic senses. Leader invents shit and backs it with his terrible logic. Slow. Delusional and think subbing for their own joy is a noble goal. Seriously, if you are not subbing for the audience, you might as well go get an actual hobby that will get you laid!
    CoalGuys – No flaws. Best group ever. Led by a well respected black man who puts references in their subs in order to get a reaction out of the community. Drama over actual work.
    Commie – Think they have the potential to become [gg], but they really go too far with the shit they put in their subs. Releases random episode/do stupid shit to try and “gain” fame/recognition. Led by an immature 16 year old.
    Doki – Shitty translations. How do I English guys? I don’t need to say more.
    Eclipse – Editor literally only spell checks and calls it “editing”. I’m not shitting you. I mean, isn’t Eclipse notorious for their bad editing and weird phrasing errors? Oh, and if you hadn’t realized yet, their OP/ED karaoke templates have been the same for at least 5 fucking seasons. Fucking terrible fanbase. is disgusting.
    FFFpeeps – Fucking ugly fonts. Terrible English. Subs don’t flow. See:
    Formula – Terrible translations. Terrible English.
    Frostii – Most overhyped group. They believe stalling = quality and make embarrassing errors. Founder believes that the group revolves around her. “My way or the highway,” etc. Fansubbing is a team thing! You can’t force anyone to do shit! Read:
    gg – You can’t spell fa__ots without us. Lots of random translators. HAD THE SCENE IN THEIR HANDS FOR A SHORT WHILE.
    Kesenai – Can’t translate. Slow. Led by some retarded kid.
    Lunar – Slow. Throws in fucking splash screens. Invented the most bastardized method of timing.
    m.3.3.w – Slow. Real slow. Group is filled with retarded people who can’t get their shit right.
    Mazui – V2s, V2s, and V2s. Terrible styling. Fucking annoying “lyrics” during insert songs. HONESTLY, WE DON’T NEED THOSE.
    Menclave – SLOW. DEAD.
    Nutbladder – Led by some creepy faggot who is terribly hard to work with (personal experience). The guy got kicked out of gg for being a faggot. OH, THE IRONY. Not to mention he sometimes write indecipherable shit.
    Rumbel – Fucking slow. Fabulous TL notes.
    SFW – This group is a joke. I don’t think anyone could take their leader seriously.
    SHiN-gx – Shitty translations and terrible English.
    StaticSubs – This group was once glorious, but now its standard has dropped. Current encoder is the biggest egomaniac you will ever meet on IRC, yet his skills don’t match up with the shit he spews.
    TMD – Awkward translation. English, guys, English.
    UTW – Styling, styling, styling. Sometimes make the most elementary mistake. Subs do not flow at all. Reading it makes me cringe.
    Yuurisan – Slow. Bad translation in some cases. ENGRISH in some cases. Picks up shit without finishing other shit.

    Groups not mentioned are either just SLOW, OLD, or not important enough.

    Thank you for reading.


    • Let’s not even mention how crappy Coalguys really is… and how half of the gg faggots moved to Coalguys.

      Let’s just lie about them being great, with zero flaws, while everyone else sux. Feh.

      FMS did a great job on KNT so go f yourself.

  8. There will be a live-action movie of Kimi ni Todoke this year!

  9. Any upcoming subs on the plan? You did a good job on KnT sticking closer to the actual Japanese wording than e.g. Eclipse, which (i.e., yours) I prefer as a translation style. If there will come a KnT LA movie, will you sub it for the KnT fans? Can fans of yours in general hope for some new project? Thanks again for your previous work! Have a nice day and enjoy your lives! Don’t work too much (but I wouldn’t be mad with you if you started again, haha)! ^^

    • Sorry for not keeping in touch with everyone. As of now, we have no definite plans for the fall. The KnT live action is promising, so when 9/25 comes around we’ll see if we can sub it.

      EDIT- reason we’re not actively subbing is because everyone is preparing to apply to grad school/jobs.

      • Thanks for the info. Take your time, fans will be patient! Good luck for your applications!

  10. Movie premiers in 10 hrs (assuming its in theatres at midnight)! hope you guys sub it when the raws come out.

    • Yeah we’ll be keeping an eye out 🙂

  11. Oh my they have finally announced that Kimi ni Todoke will have a 2nd SEASON!! I’m so excited.

    Here’s where I found out:

    I hope you guys will eng sub the new season once it starts next year in January 2011. 🙂 You guys are the best! Thank you again for all of your hard work.

  12. Hi guys!
    U know about it ?

  13. GEEZ! Don’t saw last comment. LOL.

  14. what website can i look for the kimi ni todoke live? i mean not only anime. i want to see the REAL actress and actor who roled those characters in REAL life.

  15. So, you never answered – will you (please) sub KnT S2, which is starting to air next month? (Please, please say “yes…”)

    • six days. i hope they pick up the project. they did a great job with the first season.

      • Yeah I am… or I’ll do my best at least lol.

  16. After seeing some promising reviews of your subs in the KnT Season 2 post, I’m currently downloading this batch to compare with the Eclipse KnT I already have. I don’t like to mix subbing groups within a series if I can help it.

  17. Please help me!!
    I can’t see any of the subtitles for the videos!
    I downloaded the separate megaupload files and I have just recently downloaded this batch file, yet I cannot see the subtitles!

  18. Thankyou so much for this!!
    I was trying to find this anime for a long time!
    Thanks again!! ^^ 😀

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