Kimi Ni Todoke 25 (END)

March 31, 2010 at 3:19 am | Posted in Kimi Ni Todoke | 42 Comments

Timing: PunD
Editing: blesseddisgrace

Whew, it’s over!  I’d make a long, teary post, but I’ll do that after I finish the last episode of tokujou kabachi.

I’d like to thank everyone for sticking with us through thick and thin, and although we have no plans at the moment for spring shows (group consists of only 2-3 busy people now…), we may change our minds.  This group isn’t coming to an end, just taking a break for a bit while we regain our senses 🙂

For those of you just longing for more, the anime is actually a very faithful adaptation of the manga.  This last episode finishes Volume 7 Chapter 27 of the manga, and you can start at chapter 28 and not really miss anything important if you haven’t read the manga.  That being said, we hope you enjoyed Kimi ni Todoke!




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  1. Thank YOU so much!
    Great job!

  2. I just wanted to say thanks so much!
    I honestly haven’t watched an anime in about 6 years, but I enjoyed this one thanks to you guys 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for subbing. The subs were not only quick but were quality work too.

    This will remain one of my fav shoujo anime of all time.
    Thanks [FMS-Sunberries] 🙂

    Hope to see more subs from you guys in the future, and here wishing for a second season of this wonderful anime 🙂

  4. thank you very much for subbing KimiTodo!!! great job on this one guys!!!! i hope i see you guys again in the spring line-up!!!!! thank you once again!!!!!

  5. domo arrigatou 😀 i loved this series + youre subs are perfect!

  6. Stuck with you guys through out the whole series it has been awesome, and you have done a great job

    many thanks.

  7. So saaaaaaaaad!!! It was the best winter 09/10 anime. Tnx for your great job. Good Luck!!!

  8. Wow, another great anime ended. I thought it would be more longer, but..well nothing we can do about it.
    Thanks a lot, really love your soft-subs & same as above hope we meet again in the next season….^^;

  9. Much THANKS over the months of your dedicated work to subbing Kimi ni Todoke!!! I can’t still believe the season has ended… Hopefully, there’s going to be a second season!

    Again, T H A N K Y O U !!! ^__^

  10. ;_; so sad.. but it’s really nice ending
    I hope they will do with sequel

  11. You guys have been awesome, THANKYOUU so much for your releases!
    Hope to see you around again soon 😀

  12. uwaa~ Otsukare!!

    I can’t believe KimiTodo is already finished~~ It would be awesome if the anime continued since it is already getting more… fluffier in the Manga XD

    Thank you for all the hard work you’ve inputted to bring us fast and reliable subs overnight! ♥ I’m taking the torrent this time since MU kinda works weird these days for me… :3

  13. You guys did a really great job on this sub. Thank you very much. I hope they do another season, and I hope you’ll be group to sub it.

  14. Yeah, thank you so much for you hard work! おつかれさまでした

  15. Thanks for all your hard work subbing this series. Hope to see your work again soon!

  16. You did some great fastsubs throughout the whole show! Great! I hope you’ll become a regular next season ;p

  17. I won’t even be watching this one. Last one skipped multiple frames every 8 seconds and had unintelligible grammar and words that shouldn’t have been there.

  18. Thanks for all the hard work put into getting this show out. Enjoy the well earned vacation!

  19. Thanks for all your wonderful releases.

  20. Great anime. Great job. Thanks a lot!

  21. Ty for subbing.
    Really loved this series

  22. I can’t decide whether I watch it immediately or reserve it a little bit. I don’t want it to end! T^T But thank you very much for your great work. I had a lot of fun and I’d be very glad to see some more from you in the future. Once again, ありがとうございました! *bows*

  23. Thank you for all your hard work! (Ignore the hater(s) )

  24. otsukaresama!
    Thanks for subbing this one, I really enjoyed it. I’ll have to look into the manga if there’s really more to the story! (I’m gonna have romantic comedy withdrawal otherwise, since both Crossgame and Todoke ended this week)

  25. You guys did a fantastic job! Thanks again for the great subbing!

  26. Thanks for all the hard work ^^

  27. Thank you so much for all your hard work!! This was such a great anime 😀

  28. Woot woot! Thank you so much for a job awesomely done!

  29. thanks. i’ve been watching the KnT the whole time. thanks for all the hardwork. can’t wait for the Tokujo Finale ssubs ❤

  30. Thank you for your wonderful work on this series, it was all thanx to you that I could enjoy it so much! THANK YOU!

  31. Thanks!

  32. thank you very much for a wonderful series subbing! any chance we will see the live action drama making its way here?

    • I’m not sure when that will come out, but it depends on how much free time we’ll all have when it does. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

      • im happy with a maybe… for now. =)

  33. Thanks for subbing this, you guys did a really great job. It really was an excellent (and refreshing 😉 ) show.

  34. I have grown so accustomed to a new Kimi ni Todoke episode each week that it’s become more routine than recycling day. The following months are sure to contain a void each Wednesday evening that will leave my day feeling incomplete. Thank you for all your time and dedication the past twenty five weeks. Keep making marvelous subs. You’ve made a fan for life.

  35. Wth, is taking so god damn long for Tokujo Kabachi. It’s been god damn 3 weeks practically. Drop the project, if your not going to sub it. Honestly, it does not take 3 week for a project. I’m assuming if your still in school, then you’d have spring break. Give up the project, if your not going to do it. Jesus..

    • dick move man…

    • relax dude, heheh, although I, too, am waiting for the sub…

    • lol.. talk about issues

  36. hey guys.. just really wanted to give you guys a big thank you.. this was a really great anime and really really appreciate that you shared it with us through your hard work and effort..


  37. Thanks for subbing this anime, the quality was amazing !

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