Tokujou Kabachi 8

March 19, 2010 at 1:50 pm | Posted in Tokujou Kabachi | 8 Comments




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  1. AWESOME! THANKS! BUT I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL EPISODE 9 SCRIPT! HAHAH! Either way, you guys are awesome for doing Tokujou Kabachi and Kimi ni Todoke.

  2. YES!! Episode 8!! Omg i cant wait till episode 9, no wait the last episode XD cause Ohno’s gonna guest star (from what i heard) ❤
    Thanks for Sharing/Posting!!!

  3. 8D Thank you again for subbing this stuff! It always brightens my day to see it ;D

  4. thank you! this was such a good episode! poor tamura!

  5. YAY!!!! I have been waiting for this episode!!!

    Thank you so so soooo much 🙂 *shower you with Tamura Love*

  6. thank you sooooo much!♥

  7. Thank you for sharing!♥ XD

  8. Thank you for subbing this!! 😀

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