Kimi Ni Todoke 13

January 6, 2010 at 3:31 am | Posted in Kimi Ni Todoke | 19 Comments

Timer: Nightn (big thanks for helpin out)

Everything else: Mirage


So apparently the two week break between episodes caused most of the group to forget that KnT existed.


Thanks to Zero-raws for the raw.

Here it is.  I have also attached the script so you can use it with other raws when they are released.






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  1. Thanks for the speedy release! You guys are awesome. 🙂

  2. Many thanks for the superb sub as always!!!

  3. many thanks. i still feel weird with the low size raw, but guess you’d already checked it.

  4. srsly… plz encode proper… It’s a good anime so no youtube encodes plz…

    This time I have to take eclipse…

  5. Thanks guys 🙂

  6. Thx a lot.

  7. 2 weeks is way too long for me… finally!

  8. Thanks, love you guys

  9. I don’t know how did I survive these 2 weeks without KnT but now I’m really happy! Thank you for translating!*chu*

  10. Thanks a lot!!!
    And please don’t forget KnT 😀

  11. don’t be fooled by the filesize… this is a superb encode!! Though the filesize is less than half of most, quality (wrt sharpness of lines) is a lot better, and it even includes a promo at the end!. I don’t know what compression you used, perhaps from the raw itself, but a very nice job still! And very fast! Looking forward to the future episodes!

  12. Thanks !!
    I am downloading now,and cant wait to watch this episode! i am looking forward!!!*-*

  13. Hey guys! Thanks a lot!
    I just have a little problem: The script is not available right now… So MU says… Can you guys help me?

  14. Oh… I see right now that the problem has been solved… Just a server problem from MU…

  15. Thank you guys!

  16. thank you!!

  17. thanks as always. odd to see such a small file size from zero-raws, but either way still looks great.

  18. (belated) thanks for the sub!

  19. Forgot that it existed?! Never! I watched the entire series twice and read the entire manga during the break. It was more like when it finally did come out, I was so shocked that I was only checking out of habit, not really expecting it to be there. It was a looooooong two weeks.

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