Kimi Ni Todoke 11

December 16, 2009 at 1:45 am | Posted in Kimi Ni Todoke | 19 Comments

Translators: Crabbers, Mirage

Timer: PunD

Editor: kerobear, Mirage



Added hotfile link.  If links die, the fastest way to get the episode would be through our XDCC bots in our IRC.

Hurrah.  I like Kurumi and Ryuu O_O



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  1. Woo thanks 😀

  2. Yes! Thanks

    Also here Kimi ni Todoke might go 24 Ep

    that would be so great if it did


  3. GREAT Job!
    THX U!

  4. good job!
    you guys are so quick, thanks for, really

  5. Thankyouu!
    Great subs as always

  6. Aya Hirano is despicable as usual.

  7. Thx a lot!


  9. Thank you!!!! ^^

  10. thanks! ♥

  11. sankyuu for subbing ♥

    Kurumi is absolutely unbelievable. 😐

  12. Sure is cherful around here.

  13. Thx 🙂 This is a 24-ep anime btw Tripperdam. You can read up on stuff like that on 😀

    • when did they get the extra 12? i though i read that it would only be 12 episodes. oh well, i wanted more episodes.

  14. He-llo!

    Just finished watching from episode 1 til 11. Thanks for subbing. Will return here after a week to check some updates. 😉

    Arigato gozaimasu. 🙂

  15. i Love the Way sawako and kurimi are talking in this episode lol
    I wanted to ask..I’ve heared episode 12 is the last..

  16. thanks for the subbed anime, I really love this anime and its manga 😀

  17. Arigato gozaimasu!!!
    I love you for subbing this BIG TIME! <33
    Merry Christmas! *hugzzz*

    Next episode will be next year. ττ ττ
    Long wait, but I'll be patient.

  18. Hi! Thanks so much for subbing the series. 😀 For some reason, the MU link for this episode is invalid. I just wanted to inform you guys. 😀

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