Kimi Ni Todoke 10

December 9, 2009 at 1:30 am | Posted in Kimi Ni Todoke | 33 Comments

Translators: Crabbers, Mirage

Timing: PunD

Editing: thk

I muxed it with the avi raw because I’m too tired to stay up any longer.  Quality is fine.



[00:24] <~theRealMirage> bah f it
[00:24] <~theRealMirage> just muxed with the avi

[00:47] <+[Zero-Raws]Kallen> [New Pack!] – [Zero-Raws] Kimi ni Todoke – 10 RAW (NTV 1280×720 x264).mp4 – /MSG [Zero-Raws]Kallen XDCC SEND 347


For the videophiles, here is a remuxed version with the x264 raw.  Subtitles remain the same, only difference is better video quality.


This is not the same file as in the torrent, this is muxed with the higher quality raw.

EDIT- If you are having trouble displaying subs, use the megaupload version.



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  1. Thanks 🙂

  2. thanks for the release! 😀

  3. just inn fucking time…

    i ❤ FMS

  4. Thx!
    Waitin’ MegaUpload.

  5. h.264 ftw.

  6. Strange, the subs for this release do not display on windows media player in win 7. Every option is set properly (in wmp and systray) and no dice.

    Plays fine in VLC tho.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up! Great release!

  7. thanks ^3^

  8. For some reason, Kurumi’s antagonistic behavior is quite despicable already, but I think being aware that her seiyuu is Hirano Aya makes me hate Kurumi even more. >__<

  9. thank you!! ♥

  10. Thank you <33
    I hate Kurumi!! Sawako is the best ❤ she's so cute x) she didn't understand anything what Kurumi means.. x)
    that was so funny!!

    I hope they make a happy & wonderful end <33 or a second season!! But please soon 🙂

  11. K I downloaded from BT and it just finished. I have 1-9 from this site and they all have subtitles except 10. Mine doesn’t have any subtitles. Anyone know what’s going on? Am I doing something wrong?

    I’m going to try the megaupload one but I fear it will be the same. If anyone can help or give tips, I’ll gladly accept it. TY.

  12. Nevermind. The one with megaupload has subtitles for me.

  13. Loved this episode, hated Kurumi.
    Will be sure to hate her even more next week though.

    Thankyou! 😀

  14. Appreciate the hard work. Keep it up. *righteous thumbs up*

  15. thx a lot!

  16. none of the versions shows the subtitles with windows media classic.
    the MU version works with subtitles in VLC but VLC cant show the styled subtitles :/ i know.. *being picky*

    • For me, both versions work with windows media player. I use windows media player 11 and the codec pack from, you may have to update the codec.

      • Subtitles don’t appear with media player classic for me either. I have the latest cccp install. All the previous episodes worked fine.

      • yeah that’s how it is for me too, as it is for Tessa.
        Really can’t stand the crap white pixalated wide font you get with overlapping subs from VLC.

      • Also wanted to point out that the megaupload version does not work with my media player classic, either.

      • Hmm. Sorry I don’t know what the problem is. I just tested the megaupload file on media player classic (version and it displayed subtitles fine. You may want to consider reinstalling cccp.

  17. It’s really nice and all, but… Too bad the Megaupload server is too overloaded to let anyone download. Maybe you should have uploaded it more than once. 🙂

    • If megaupload doesn’t work, there are xdcc bots in our IRC.

      • This is true, as I just realized. Sorry!

  18. Merci!! Gracias !! Thank you! !dômo!!

  19. this series is either going to have the problems resolved quickly, or carry on into a second season. i dont know which i want more… -_-

    • As far as the first two volumes of the manga, they’ve been making one episode for the anime from each chapter from the manga. Exactly the same in the book/show, which really surprised me and im happy for it. Normally they just make something along the line to the story. 2nd season would be lovely though!

  20. It looks like you are a real professional. Did you study about the theme? hrhr

  21. yes! This is the best episode so far. 🙂 Thank u!! Keep the subs rolling

  22. thank you so much for this release!!!
    I can’t wait to see what happens next!
    Thank you! ❤

  23. MU Link won’t work. ττ ττ

    • I meant on Episode 11. MU link doesn’t work. Sry, wrong entry. XDD

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