Kimi Ni Todoke 9

December 2, 2009 at 1:27 am | Posted in Kimi Ni Todoke | 24 Comments

is not out.  We don’t have a decent raw and we need one to mux because we’re too lazy to use PD or other Japanese p2p… So we’ll release this episode when a good quality raw comes out (kaizoku!).  So… In case you’re staying up to wait for our release… ETA: I dunno 😦

Raw has been obtained, thanks Zero-raws. ETA: soon

Thanks to LaughingGuy for the new banner~

This is the kind of doll Kurumi refers to in the episode

Translator: Crabbers

Timing: PunD

Editing: thk

TLC/staying up late: Mirage

[00:24] <PunD> make sure to mention in the post that sawako’s rising intonation at the end of the sentence costs us easily +20 minutes
[00:24] <PunD> atleast for my timing

[00:24] <PunD> fucking keep thinking she is going to add something else




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  1. i will wait ❤

  2. ganbatte ne. 🙂 thanks for doing it so far!

  3. I was like “yyyeahh–oh. damnit”
    As long as i eventually get it, is cool. 😛

  4. lawls, I am camping this site for the release now.

  5. Me 2 …

  6. Camp setup, fire going & marshmallows ready

  7. ^ LOL

  8. i said i’d wait… and i got it =]


  9. tyty 😀

  10. wooooo….waiting isn’t fun, but this is most definitely worth it! Thank you guys so much!

    ps-i brought the smores stuff!

  11. woo my first torrent!

    The episodes and your subs well worth the wait, THANKYOUU! 😀

  12. Domo

  13. 😦 I will wait!! x)
    but please 🙂 Improve the episode quickly..

  14. Thank you!!!

  15. Good as always, thank you very much.

  16. Yay, I get my KNT fix now. thank you very much.

  17. Does anyone know how many episodes Kimi ni todoke has?????
    Please answer me 🙂

    • 12. if were fortunate there will be a second season.

      • thank you very much!!

  18. Thx a lot!!


  20. yahoo, gonna watch this tonight baby :)~

  21. thanks ♥ grabbing MU

  22. thank you! and that video. OMG. i’ll be having nightmares tonight…. ><!!

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