Kimi Ni Todoke 02 and 01v2

October 14, 2009 at 3:36 am | Posted in Kimi Ni Todoke | 18 Comments

Hello everyone.

It is currently almost 4 AM on the east coast where most of FMS is situated.  Rather than choose to have a life/get sleep, we decided to stay up and finish KnT 02, as well as release a version 2 of episode 1.  I would like to personally thank all those members of FMS who are sacrificing their lives to work on this project.  The raw this week came out a bit later than usual.  We hope this release “reaches you.”

As always, there is a bot on our IRC

Without further ado,we present to you KnT 02:



And KnT 01v2:



FreeMoneySubs, why did you make a version 2?

Excellent question young fan/hater.   Episode 01 had some text stacking, and was not typeset at all.  Version 2 corrects this.  Also, the Supreme Court convened yesterday and decided that from now on 爽やか(Sawayaka) would be translated as refreshing.    We voted on a variety of adjectives such as: Amicable, invigorating, genuine, level-headed…You get the idea.

PunD: Refreshing, nothing else makes sense.


t3htao: LoL I haven’t watched it yet.  (1 day later) Refreshing.

Dissenting opinion by Judge Crabbers:  Sawayaka in this sense gives off a meaning of “cool, level-headedness”, whereas the refreshing definition of sawayaka is more associated with weather.

Me (mirage):  At one point, Sawako says Kazehaya’s name is “refreshing.”  Perhaps this could be because his name is composed of two parts Kaze(wind) and Haya (fast).  Thus, fast wind could be refreshing…  Also, I support democracy and therefore go with the majority.

So anytime you see “refreshing” or “refreshingness” in our subs, you can substitute it with an appropriate adjective of your choice…Like “invigorating” or “vigor” for the noun form.



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  1. 😀 thanks you

  2. Thank You guys for all of your hard work on Kimi ni Todoke…you deserve a nice long sleep ^_^

  3. You guys rock 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  4. ohoh, thank you guys, you fast!

  5. Thank you 😀 that Anime is so cute XD
    Thanks for subbing it so fast ^^

  6. Thx a lot!!

  7. Voah! You guys doing it way faster than Eclipse. Nice

  8. Thanks! Doing a great job so far, keep it up!

  9. Thank you for the release. I greatly appreciate it. However, i believe ep 2 will need a ver 2 out. I noticed a few times where the sub wasn’t displayed.

    • We haven’t had any problems with subs displaying on our end. Could you give us an example?

      • subs were fine. my only nitpick in ep2 was @4:59 “what’s up with that dude?” i prefer your editing than eclipse’s version but your typesetting was so-so but since this is not bakemonogatari I don’t mind. will probably watch their episode 2 to decide which one I would stick with.

  10. wow i haven’t notice any mistakes in the first episodes but maybe its the font… good work guys!

  11. <333 You are the best!!! Thank you very much for subbing Kimi ni Todoke!! I haven't read the manga, but the first and second episode from the anime are great ❤ I'm very curious how the whole anime is x)

  12. Awesome! You guys (as always) are making an awesome job! Thx for the release!

  13. OH thanks for the MU link 🙂 (and the subs of course)
    I enjoyed ep. 1 very much.

  14. Hi!
    First of all; Thank you for uploading this. I really appreciate it! ^^
    But when I downloaded it I didn’t see any subs.
    I played it with windows mediaplayer.
    Can anyone help?

    • try installing cccp at, then run the file in windows media player

      • It works! 😀
        Thank you~ >3<

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