Kimi Ni Todoke 04

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Translators- Crabbers/Mirage

Timing- PunD

Editing/QC- thk, PunD, and kerobear

Here is KnT04 for all those who keep up with us.  Thanks to everyone who leaves comments!  We feed off of attention like sorority girls.  Enjoy!



Note: We have been receiving some reports of problems viewing our subs.  If you have problems, we recommend downloading the latest version of CCCP


Kimi Ni Todoke 03

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Hello everyone,

The raw was fast today 🙂 But several of us have midterms tomorrow/today and just general business delayed our release a bit.  However, here you go.  Since our roles (with the exception of translators) usually change with each episode, I’ll be putting credits here after each release.  For those who wonder, we use Zero-Raws.


Timing- mirage -.-

Editing- thk

QC/encoding- Primula

Moral support- PunD

RIP tao, wasurenai yo~

So, to all those in other time zones, please enjoy the subs (and all those who stay up late like us)!



Kimi Ni Todoke 02 and 01v2

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Hello everyone.

It is currently almost 4 AM on the east coast where most of FMS is situated.  Rather than choose to have a life/get sleep, we decided to stay up and finish KnT 02, as well as release a version 2 of episode 1.  I would like to personally thank all those members of FMS who are sacrificing their lives to work on this project.  The raw this week came out a bit later than usual.  We hope this release “reaches you.”

As always, there is a bot on our IRC

Without further ado,we present to you KnT 02:



And KnT 01v2:



FreeMoneySubs, why did you make a version 2?

Excellent question young fan/hater.   Episode 01 had some text stacking, and was not typeset at all.  Version 2 corrects this.  Also, the Supreme Court convened yesterday and decided that from now on 爽やか(Sawayaka) would be translated as refreshing.    We voted on a variety of adjectives such as: Amicable, invigorating, genuine, level-headed…You get the idea.

PunD: Refreshing, nothing else makes sense.


t3htao: LoL I haven’t watched it yet.  (1 day later) Refreshing.

Dissenting opinion by Judge Crabbers:  Sawayaka in this sense gives off a meaning of “cool, level-headedness”, whereas the refreshing definition of sawayaka is more associated with weather.

Me (mirage):  At one point, Sawako says Kazehaya’s name is “refreshing.”  Perhaps this could be because his name is composed of two parts Kaze(wind) and Haya (fast).  Thus, fast wind could be refreshing…  Also, I support democracy and therefore go with the majority.

So anytime you see “refreshing” or “refreshingness” in our subs, you can substitute it with an appropriate adjective of your choice…Like “invigorating” or “vigor” for the noun form.

“Who are sunberries”

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Its what are sunberries.

Kerrog’s® Sunberries are a nutritional part of your breakfast. Sun without milk, berry with it. Look for it on shelves by 2012.

Also, its crabbers (translating), thk (QC/Editing), and PunD (Other shit). We wanted to do Kimi ni Todoke, so we are.

Might do something else some time without FMS, who knows.

Kimi Ni Todoke 01

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We at FMS and Sunberries are proud to present Kimi Ni Todoke!

Who are Sunberries?

PunD, Crabbers, and thk…I’ll let them make their own introductory post.

Anyways here’s the torrent link, megaupload, join us in IRC cuz there’s a bot etc. etc.



Next release will be faster…and we’ll be playing with the OP/ED to make it look a bit better.


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I just woke up, saw my handle was a substring in the chat log, scrolled up, and saw this:

Ruffian: t3htao and theRealMirage
* Ruffian saw them marrying together in his dream. WHAT A F**KED UP DREAM!

ah… =.=

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